Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eating Light, Done Right by Tania N. Boughton + A REVIEW

The 411 by Maria:

You seriously need this book!
I received a PDF of it and will hopefully be getting the book. 
Tania is a funny, funny woman and really puts things in prospective. I love how she was reminding herself that things couldn't go on the way they were as she reached into a jar of Nutella. Goddess eats a Nutella sandwich for lunch every single day! That jar of Nutella shows up again after she has her second child and life takes a turn. 

Tania's story is easy to relate to and this is the first recipe book that I honestly enjoyed the story as much as the recipes but anyone who can put in breakfast ideas like Beautiful Brunch Ham Strata is going to be A+ in my book. I love breakfast and cereal isn't going to do it for me. This is a perfect meal and in the back of the book....desserts. Yes, desserts. This is the perfect way to eat. 

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    This looks very interesting and very funny!
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