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Spin A Novel by Catherine McKenzie Out on Feb 7

Spin by Catherine McKenzie
Catherine McKenzie is a bestselling author in Canada and Spin is her U.S. debut. Spin is a delectable tale about Katie Sandford, an aspiring music journalist nicknamed “Sober” for her partying ways, who gets the interview of a lifetime at her favorite music magazine, The Line.  But when she shows up to the interview still drunk, she thinks she lost her chance—until the folks at The Line tell her they think she is perfect for another assignment: following a celebrity It Girl undercover into rehab.  All she has to do is get the inside scoop (and complete the 30-day program without getting kicked out).  

Kate's To-Do List:

  1. Go to rehab
  2. Befriend/spy on "It Girl"
  3. Write killer expose
The 411 by Maria Gagliano

Kate is what we call a hot mess. She parties way too much and isn't very reliable. She acts like a college kid and is completely irresponsible but likeable.

When she finally gets the interview of a lifetime. A job at The Line, a magazine she has been trying to get in forever. She goes out the night before and drinks way too much, ends up oversleeping, running to the interview hung over and still drunk. Fortunately for her, the "It Girl" Amber of TGND (The Girl Next Door) is being sent to rehab and the folks at The Line have a proposition for her. Go to rehab and report back on the what TGND is up to. Easy enough! Sell your soul, get some help for a problem you don't feel you have and possibly get your dream job anyway?! Umm...sounds like a plan.

The book is a great ride from beginning to end. I love Kate even though I should despise her. The book is fun, witty and I love any book that throws in real celebrity and music references. I had to remind myself that this was fiction. There were times it felt very real.

Written in first person and narrated by Kate, you find yourself hoping that Kate comes out on the  other end a better person, finds love and that she is never found out!

It is a quick read but hardly chick lit! Very enjoyable characters all around.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate this review.

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  1. This sounds like a very interesting read! Kate seems intriguing & inspiring. I understand how you could easily forget Kate is a "fictional" character given there are many celebrities facing similar fates. Im very interested in reading this!


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