Sunday, January 08, 2012

Doubling Up - 365 Day Challenge Day 7 & 8

I stayed off the computer most of yesterday and wrote my posts on Friday. Usually taking the weekend off has become a priority or I spend the whole day on here.

Now that I am participating in a 365 Challenge my photos are getting more activity on Flickr. I love getting comments there. I have over 11,000 photos and usually keep it pretty low key so being found by others and getting comments never happens. Love talking to other photo mavens and hearing what they like about a particular photo. It is really helping my skills and while I don't believe taking pictures is something I will ever make a career out of, I do love it!

Here is Day 7 - Monster High Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp

It is crazy and may be because I was a child of the 70s but I have always wanted a lava lamp. Now that Goddess has one, I spend a lot of time looking at it. It is really cool and I am thrilled she likes it too.

Day 8 - Festive Pooch

The Festive Pooch

Maybe it is his silly little face, lazy eye or holiday clothes, but I love this guy. He is too cute!

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