Tuesday, January 03, 2012

365 Day Challenge Day 3 - Light Reflection

Moving along with my 365 I mean 366 Day Photo Challenge since it is a Leap Year.

Day 3 brings some beautiful light reflections from one of my Christmas decorations. We were going to take the tree down on Sunday, but I needed one more day. I seriously love having it in the room this year. Usually I am ready to get it out and get my living room back but this year I really want it to stay. The lights this year just bring me peace. Even during the day, it is beautiful with the light reflections that dance on the wall as the sun shines through the garland.

I took about 5 photos of this reflection and this is my favorite.
Christmas Decoration Reflection

Since there is so much red in there, I decided to use it as my Ruby Tuesday too!

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  1. I love Christmas lights too! We took down everything but the ones in my sons room. He can't part with them yet!


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