Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good Mommy

Today while waiting for the bus, Goddess decided that since last week Handsome sat with me on the front until the bus came, that it was her turn.

In the middle of her making her way over the divider I heard the bus and stopped her, telling them both "the bus is coming, let's get out." I have a thing about people waiting on us and want them to get to the bus quickly so cars don't have to wait behind the bus making them irate and annoyed behind my kids bus.

As she was running to the bus, she turned back to me holding her hand up and shouted, "Oh no, my ring"!  Her face was so distraught and tortured. Not wanting her to be late for the bus which was waiting with a line of cars behind it told her, "don't worry, I will bring it to you."  It is just a plastic, red ring with a sticker of Santa but she loves it!

The Santa Ring

I went home, worked for a half hour. Threw some laundry in, grabbed a check and headed for the bank and post office. By 10:00 am. I was at the school with her ring.

Ringing the bell, the office asked called through the intercom, "may we help you?" I told them I was making a drop off!

As usual I was greeted at the top of the stairs and explained that Goddess was running to the bus, lost her ring and I had promised I would bring it and could they please give it to her?

I headed back to the school a few hours later for our winter concert (more on that later). Through sign language I asked if she had the ring, she showed me and we both smiled.

When I got to the class to pick her up her teacher told me, "the aid came in with the ring you brought by. Goddess was soooo  happy. I wish you could have seen her face." I explained the story and how her face this morning got to me and that I promised her I would bring it. I couldn't let her down.

She touched my arm and said, "You are a good mommy!"

Just a 5 word sentence but exactly what I long to hear. It is really the nicest thing anyone can say to me. I want to be a good mommy! I want them to know they can count on me and that I will never let them down. It felt good, in fact, it still feels good!

What do you like hearing? What makes you happy to know?


  1. I love it when my kids thank me for something that happened when they were kids. Just recently my oldest thanked me for not indulging her every whim as a child...specifically for a certain brand of jeans I felt were too expensive to put on a child's behind.

    When they tell me those things, I know I did it right. :)

  2. Awwww, that is so sweet! That's what makes me happy, too, when I realize or when someone else acknowledges that I'm trying hard to do what's right for my family, not just me :)


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