Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Fat Boy Chronicles Released on DVD Today

Once again I am reviewing a Dove.org Family Approved movie. They have never let me down either, Dove movies are family friendly and appropriate for all ages.

"The Fat Boy Chronicles," the movie is a film inspired by a true story of an obese teen and his tribulations going through High School.

Inspired by a true story, The Fat Boy Chronicles reveals the emotionally painful world obese teens experience in the face of a thin-obsessed society.

At age fourteen. 5'5 Jimmy weighs 187 pounds. Outside the comfort of his family and church, life for Jimmy is a constant struggle. The cruel taunts of his classmates make going to school or playing sports a humiliating experience. Yet, he still manages to focus on his goals-- to lose weight and win over the girl of his dreams.

The 411:
Obesity is something I am extremely sensitive about. Growing up with overweight parents my mother was extremely overweight and my dad yoyo'd all the time. My sister grew up hearing all the horrible names and sayings kids say to kids who are different than them.  She is now a very comfortable, confident, overweight woman but as children, it hurt me to hear the kids say such terrible things to her.  I completely empathize with Jimmy.

Jimmy is a sweet faced boy starting a new school who is teased by not only the kids in school but by his own sister.  My heart hurt watching him teased in the locker room by the other boys. School is hard enough but so many children are never taught how to be accepting of others.

Even the adults in the movies, like the teachers and parents of friends are just plain rude and mean. Which is just disgraceful but very real. My sister no longer speaks with my grandmother because so many never realize that their words effect people.

One of Jimmy's teachers gives an assignment about keeping a journal which becomes the narrative basis of the movie. We get to hear Jimmy's thoughts throughout the movie about his real feelings.
It broke my heart watching Jimmy struggle with his feelings and his emotions. If nothing else, I would hope a movie like this would show kids how NOT to treat others.

After his doctor tells him he is only 14 and 188 pounds that he is a little overweight. Jimmy tells the doctor about the students and teachers making fun of him and the he doctor explains to him that if he doesn't lose weight teasing will be the least of his problems.

Jimmy starts a weight loss plan on his own with a goal. He starts running and eating better. 

My favorite parts of the movie are how supportive and encouraging his parents are. His father running with him and his mother meeting him at the end of his runs. Very cute! Everyone needs support.
While the message of this movie is about bullying and the affect it has on others, there was so much more to it. All of the young characters have flaws. One girl is a cutter, the popular kid has trouble in school, Jimmy's best friend Paul has an alcoholic father who ignores him. Underneath we all have problems that make us weak, that hurt our hearts, that make us different, but if we learn to accept others differences and not see them as faults we will all be better off. 

Jimmy has a lot to deal with but thanks to the love of his parents, friends and even an ex bully he comes out on top in the long run.

Positives of the movie:
  • Parents who are there for their kids
  • Families who go to church together
  • Friendship
  • Perseverance
  • Will power
  • Commitment
  • Journaling
  • Learning acceptance
The young actors in this movie do an incredible job especially by Christopher Rivera!

To Purchase: The Fat Boy Chronicles

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of the DVD from Phase4Films

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