Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DAY 5 of 12 Days of Christmas - The Real Face of Jesus DVD Giveaway

Could there really be a more appropriate DVD offered this holiday season?

Presented by The History Channel and now available on DVD

As the Shroud of Turin is put on public display for the first time in 10 years, new data reveals more than just a flat image embedded in the ancient cloth, but an astonishing, three-dimensional, sculpture-like figure.

Using the principles of physics, cutting-edge digital technology, and the revolutionary CGI process pioneered in Stealing Lincoln's Body, HISTORY brings that image to life, unveiling the most accurate representation ever seen of what many believe to be Jesus Christ.

The 411:
Using high tech 3D graphics, graphic artist Ray Downing has spent years trying to recreate a "very real" image of Jesus Christ.

Researchers head to a chapel in Italy and explain the details of  the Shroud of  Toran which  is 14 feet long and made out of linen cloth. They explain the burn marks and the placement of the body features. The details are remarkable. Taking the Shroud as the starting point the take a picture, place it onto fabric and start mapping out the blue print for resurrecting Jesus' image.

I found the whole documentary very interesting and spent a lot of time reading everything I could on this very valuable piece of history!  Science and religion are a very interesting marriage and this documentary did exactly what I set out to do. Create a 3D image of Jesus.

The end of The Real Face of Jesus is unbelievably moving even thought I know it is only a computer generation.

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The Giveaway: A History Channel DVD - The Real Face of Jesus

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