Friday, November 04, 2011

Going Green Has Never Been More Fun WIth Trash Tycoon on Facebook

Trash Tycoon, is a fun game for the entire family that presents opportunities for real-world impact.

Guerillapps’ recently launched Trash Tycoon takes the fun yet responsible approach to social gaming. Players take on the role of recycling entrepreneurs by collecting litter in a trash strewn city and upcycling waste into higher quality, environmentally-friendly products. This can range from building a house of abandoned material to finding innovative uses for discarded plastic bags—top point earners are crowned garbage tycoons.

The global green conversation has come to Facebook. Why not explore more through a fun game with potential for real-world impact along the way? Best of all, Guerillapps donates 10% of game revenues to help to fight climate change through the contribution of sponsor

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