Friday, October 28, 2011

See Mix Drink

Have you tried mixing a Mojito? What about a Rusty Nail? Or a Cosmopolitan? With See Mix Drink: A Refreshingly Simple Guide to Crafting the World's Most Popular Cocktails by Brian D. Murphy, the first-ever cocktail book to offer instruction through info-graphics, making the drinks you love at home is as easy as, well, See, Mix, Drink.

This unique, illustrated guide graphically demonstrates how to make 100 of today's most popular cocktails. For each drink, color-coded ingredients are displayed in a line drawing of the appropriate glassware, alongside a pie chart that spells out the drink's composition by volume for intuitive mixing. No other cocktail book is this easy or fun. Instantly understandable 1-2-3 steps show exactly how each drink is prepared, and anecdotes, pronunciation guides, and photographs of the finished drinks will turn newbie bartenders into instant mixologists.

Brian D. Murphy’s favorite mixed drink is the Old Fashioned, having been inspired to try it after watching Mad Men. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife Nicole and their three pets Kate, MeowMeow, and Maya.You can learn more about Brian on

The 411:
What I can tell you as a former bartender is that this book makes trying new drinks easy. It also made me want to run out to the liquor store and stock up on some bar friendly staples like tequila, rum, lime juice, brandy, etc.

Drink Breakdown:
  • The book is broken down into spirits; brandy, scotch, gin, etc....
  • Then each drink is broken down. The glass it would be served in has colored layers marked with a percentage of each part of the drink.
  • All the tools you would need to make the drink are laid out for you.
  • There is a description of the drink; sometimes a date and origin information. 
  • A key tells you the best time to drink it, with a meal, morning, anytime, etc.
  • The amount of time it takes to create the drink 
  • Calorie proportions
  • Written & graphic instructions
  • A color photo of the finished product.

The only thing that would have made this book better would have been if it had color photos, al la Pioneer Woman style
I want to try a Black Magic which is basically a black Russian with lemon juice. 

There are so many drinks in here that I have never heard of but want to try and from a non-drinker that says a lot!

Happy Mixing

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Hachette Book Group.

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