Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Please Read (if at all possible) The Girl Project by Kate Engelbrecht

Yesterday I mentioned that I read two books mostly compiled of photos. Here is my second one!

Please Read (if at all possible) The Girl Project by Kate Engelbrecht

Female adolescence through the eyes of teenage girls for a teenage-girl audience. This empowering volume introduces the reader to an insider’s view of teenage girlhood. Through their participation in The Girl Project-created in 2007 by Kate Engelbrecht to explore the personal realities of modern female adolescence-teenage girls contributed intimate, heartwarming, diarylike text entries and photographs that capture their personal and private moments. To date, over 5,000 girls between the ages of 13 and 18 have sent in photographs, along with anonymously completed questionnaires that communicate their view of themselves and the world around them. This collection of images and text details the private and personal lives of adolescents, which together reveal an amazing narrative communicated as only teenage girls know and understand. The girls touch upon universal issues, such as their struggles with self-confidence and body image, relationships with peers and family, and their dissatisfaction with how they are presented by the media and in popular culture.

Teen readers will be rewarded with a wonderful set of sincere, deep messages and the reassurance that they are not alone.  

The 411:
Wow! Amazing book featuring personal photos and comments from girls 13-18 years old. The Girl Project was started by Kate Engelbrecht who sent 5,000 Kodak, single use cameras and questionnaire to girls who responded to her shout out!

Reading through the book was like taking a page out of my own diary. These girls were honest, sincere, smart, witty, scared, angry, pissed, compelling, brave and more. There were so many I wanted to high five but just as many that I wanted to hug! Above all, their voices were the same; regardless of their upbringing, color, location, age, foundation, they all want the same things; growth, challenge, love, friendship, opportunity, etc resonated from their words. Very empowering!

I believe this to be a book that all girls, parents, teachers, counselors, doctors, should read and learn from. This is an intimate glance into what our daughters are thinking and feeling.

Amazing resource and a wonderful compilation of our future woman!
Beautiful Book!!!!


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