Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Baby Girl's First "Boy" Friend

Now, I am in no way suggesting that she has a boyfriend at 4. Thankfully she has no idea what that even means. I am simply stating that she has a friend who happens to be a boy. The reason I am writing this down is because this morning she was creating yet another work of art (she loves drawing and giving little presents). So, I assumed it was another picture for Daddy or me. I was wrong. This picture she informed me when she was done, was for "Mitchell". Mitchell and Goddess have been friends since school started. She has always talked about Mitchell. In fact the first time she sat in the naughty chair was because she was having so much fun with Mitchell that she started throwing toys around with him.  Ummmm still my mommy heart.

She rolled the picture up which happened to be a drawing of her and "Mitchell standing on a mountain". Then she got a sandwich baggie, put the picture in there with some tinsel that had fallen off the tree. Awww..her first little present.

She carried it to school and I just had to watch what would happen. I mean, this experience could sit with her the rest of her life (give me a break, I'm a helicopter mom and what? It could. Don't judge me). It was her first gift to a boy and I wanted to see it unfold. She walked through the little circle of boys who were sitting on the floor, held out her gift and said simply, "here". Then she stood patiently while he tried to open the baggie (he is only 4). He said, "thanks" and finally tore it open.

I looked at her face to see what she was thinking about the tearing but she seemed ok. I walked over to tell her good-bye. She didn't look up at me, she simply said "bye mom". Leaving, I had a glimpse of where I will stand when she finally does have a "boyfriend."

When I went to pick her up, Mitchell's dad was there. While we were waiting I told him about the gift. We did a few "Awwww's" together and waited for them to come out. I overheard Mitchell telling his father that "Goddess had made that for him." The dad asked if he said thank you and he said yes.

As we were leaving the school, Goddess turned to me beaming and said, "Mommy, Mitchell kissed the picture I gave him."

So, there it is, in all its innocent glory. The first "boy" that happens to be a "friend" gift. Hopefully, this will be the last for a very long time.



  1. Gosh she's very pretty! And what a sweet gesture. Young love. lol

  2. Anonymous5:55 PM

    awww how cute!! My daughter does that at times to a boy name Jesse. I know is very innocent but at the same time I am like mmmm hmmm.... arrgghhh I am not ready for this as she gets older. lol.

    That is a beautiful picture of Goddess.

  3. That is adorable!

    Watch out mommy, someone's on the road to being a heartbreaker!!


  4. OMG! How adorable! hahah! I am giggling!
    Happy ATWT!

  5. Anonymous8:32 PM

    she is so cute

  6. Anonymous10:09 PM

    She is beautiful youre going to have to beat the boys off with a stick

  7. How wonderful. He didn't act like a boy in front of the other boys and pretend he didn't like the gift because he got it from a girl.
    I'm glad this experience was a good one for her. I think I don't like girl thing comes in a couple of years and lasts until they are about 12.

  8. That is such a cute story. Pre-school sweethearts!

  9. You have been awarded by moi!!

  10. How sweet and scary all at the same time, right?! No, really, that is just sweet and innocent. I have a daughter who holds hands with her "friend" who happens to be a boy during Kindermusik class and sometimes I don't know whether to smile or panic about it. She's 3 and he's 4--at least she's in to more mature men....I hope Goddess has picked a good one :)

  11. While reading this, I couldn't help humming Donny Osmond's "Puppy Love". She is just about the sweetest little girl, I've ever known. You are raising the most precious children, you should be so proud. I'm glad her friend didn't hurt her, or I'd have to come up there and beat him up!!
    Have a great day...


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