Monday, December 07, 2009

Lovely Bones By Alice Sebold Audio

I read Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold when it first came out in 2004 and it has sat with me ever since.  The book was so different from anything else I had read that Alice immediately became an author I mentioned when friends were looking for new books to read. After reading Lovely Bones I ran out and purchased another of her books, Lucky which was her memoir.  She is an amazing author and her memoir was candid and inspiring.

Back to Lovely Bones; this book centers around Susie Salmon who at 14 is murdured and watches her family and murdered from "in between". In her heaven she is torn between getting vegence and helping her family to heal. 

The story, narrarated by Susie is outstandingly written. Sebold has a knack for making ordinary daily occurances very profound as Susie's family struggles their way back to each other. 

There were moments in the book that were very emotional but not in a graphic in your face way considering the way Susie was taken from her family. It is a connection between the author and the reader that make this such a deep story.  Thankfully, the amazing writing takes you away from the fact that a young girl was brutalized and taken from her family. The hardest parts are hearing Susie watch certain rites of passage happen for her friends and sister, that she would never be able to experience.  

This is a story that will sit with you and hearing it on audio made it that more penetrating for me. 

Hachette Book Group has given me 3 audio sets to give away to my readers.

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