Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cool Clothes For Your Kids

Like Wear is a really cool company that creates clothes your kid will want to wear. School starts soon and everyone is thinking about back to school shopping. How about a way to get your kids clothes and support your sisters (the entire sales force is made up of moms).

The powers that be sent me out some clothes for my kids to try out.

My daughter received a tank top with Lucky Charms on the front (center picture, bottom row).
She wore it for two days straight and refused to even take it off at night. Thankfully she isn't a dirty kind of kid because I actually had to sneak it into the wash while she was bathing or it wouldn't have gotten washed. This is the first piece of clothing she had that reaction to. She loves her pretty dresses and tutus but always takes them off.

The tank she received is of really good quality and the image nicely done. Not your typical iron on quality.

Ken & Lisa Gold, a husband and wife team created the company together. Beside a great company to purchase clothing your children will love, they also have career opportunities for mom's. If you would like to find out more about this opportunity go here.

Their entire sales force is made up of moms. When you head over to their site, you would search for a representative and check out their site.

Head over and find fun clothes for your kids to start school with.

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