Monday, July 06, 2009

Blue Monday - Brings The Beach

Smiling Sally's meme is called Blue Monday. Head over here to join in or to check out some other blue photos.

This weekend our beach open which means for us, summer is officially here. Usually they open on Memorial Day, I have no idea what happened this year. We headed to the beach with the kids, some towels, water, corn chips and my camera and enjoyed the ice cold lake water. There has been so much rain and the temps haven't been above 83 in weeks, so it was a bit frigged.

My blue towel is always the one we put down for the kids to sit on or to play in the sand. They never sit unless....I put out a snack. Here is my daughter enjoying the sun and the sand on Saturday.


  1. I'm still visiting for Blue Monday. What a beautiful summer setting.

  2. I love how you managed to get your photos from one day at the beach on all your your blog posts, you are a very talented photographer.
    Thank you for sharing your special day with all of us.


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