Friday, March 06, 2009

My Picks for Dancing With The Stars Replacements

I was so over Dancing with the Stars this year.

They don't have a celebrity on that made me want to watch although I have felt that way in the past and eventually watched.

This year they were trying to get new buzz by bringing on "for the first time" a husband and wife competing against each other in the form of Jewel and her "rodeo star" husband Ty Murray. I so don't care about those two and it to hear every commercial mention the fact hurt my eyes. I spent so much time rolling my eyes that if I end up with some sort of vision problem ABC will be getting my medical bill.

For the rest of my thoughts on which celebrity couples should be on Dancing with the Stars, come over here.

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  1. Anonymous2:54 PM

    hi, I dont have a twitter account but I do have to say, I was really excited to hear that Jewel would be on dancing... I saw her less than a month ago in concert and she is just amazing! Never heard of her husband. But I guess that doesnt really matter now that she has been injured and wont be on the show at all. I did however, watch the bachelor, and Im not impressed with her replacement!


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