Friday, March 27, 2009

Amateur Movie Review - The History Channel-The Founding of America

The inspiring early days of America – the personalities, the battles, the bravery, the losses, and even the romance – spring to life in spellbinding detail in this sweeping 14-DVD set from A&E Home Video.

FOUNDING FATHERS and FOUNDING BROTHERS examine the relationships of the very human men who risked their fortunes and lives for independence. THE REVOLUTION recounts great battles, devastating losses, and miraculous victories. BEN FRANKLIN and BENEDICT ARNOLD: A QUESTION OF HONOR look at the critical roles played by both men--one a hero, the other a traitor--while WASHINGTON THE WARRIOR and THE CROSSING pay tribute to the soul-stirring leadership of our first president.

With performances by Kelsey Grammar, Aidan Quinn, and Jeff Daniels, rare archival material, and commentary by leading historians, THE FOUNDING OF AMERICA presents historical programming at its comprehensive best.

DVD Features “History in the Making: The Revolution”; Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes; Behind-the-Scenes "History in the Making"; “Declaration of Independence” episode of SAVE OUR HISTORY; “The Many Faces of Ben Franklin”; Timeline; Anecdotes; Quotes; List of Innovations and Inventions; Benedict Arnold: Triumph and Treason (50-minute Biography episode); Cast Biographies/Filmographies.

For a breakdown of information on each of the 14 DVDs head over here.

In A Nutshell: Great documentary on the history of America. Like a years worth of History Lessons in 1 DVD set. There are over 27 hours with of documentary here for only $69.98. A real great gift for the history buff. The case is a beautiful addition to your library too. There are some great recreations with actors Jeff Daniels, Aiden Quinn, and Kelsey Grammer done really, very well. Enjoyable watch, with a current feel to American history.

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