Thursday, January 12, 2023

Ways To Express Self-Love (and Why You Should)

Fredericksburg Fitness Studio, a private personal training studio, turns the spotlight on one's self


FREDERICKSBURG, Virginia – (January 12, 2023) – January is a self-love month, making it a great time to spotlight how to express self-love and when everyone should do it. Self-love isn't to be confused with being conceited or arrogant. It's something more authentic, in which people are gentle with themselves and do things to ensure their well-being, which integrates physical and mental health to ensure that people are giving themselves the care and consideration they should.


“Most of us do more to take care of others than we do ourselves,” explains Jennifer Scherer, medical exercise specialist, certified personal trainer, and owner of Fredericksburg Fitness Studio. “It's important to give yourself the kind of love you give to others. You have to put your oxygen mask on before you can start helping those around you."


According to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, self-love is the state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological, and spiritual growth. In other words, it means taking care of one's needs and not sacrificing well-being. While what people do to express self-love may differ, it should be a beneficial and positive impact. Making self-love a priority should help people have a better quality of life.


Here are a few ways to express self-love:

  • Giving yourself the gift of personal training is a form of self-love, as it permits you each week to focus on yourself and do something that benefits you and your health.
  • A monthly massage therapy appointment is self-love that shows you matter enough to care for yourself, your body, and self-improvement. 
  • You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of your nutrition, fitness, and health, and you'll be able to give that much more of yourself to others. 
  • Allowing yourself to go on a shopping spree for new clothes after working hard in the gym and on nutrition is a form of self-love. 
  • Positive self-talk, such as "You're capable of this!" "You can do it!" or "You are strong!" is a great way to show self-love. Consistent positive self-talk has been proven to help improve your overall mood throughout the day.

“We can’t be so busy in our daily lives that we don’t take the time to express self-love," added Scherer. "When we take the time to, we are better adjusted, happier, and live a higher quality of life, which impacts everyone around us. Make this the month that you  make self-love a priority.”


Fredericksburg Fitness Studio is a private personal training studio that offers a range of services to improve health and wellness, including medical exercise, personal training, in-home medical training, virtual personal training, nutrition coaching, and a Pilates reformer program. All workouts on it are custom-tailored for the individual to address their physical fitness concerns. The Pilates Reformer program features a versatile machine designed to provide resistance. It can be used when standing, sitting, or lying down. 


Fredericksburg Fitness Studio doesn't offer memberships as other gyms do. They offer private customized fitness programs that are available by appointment. Many people who go to the studio are referrals from physical therapists and doctors. The wellness professionals at the studio communicate with the medical teams to keep them up to date on patient progress. To learn more about Fredericksburg Fitness Studio, visit the site:


About Fredericksburg Fitness Studio

Founded in 2008, Fredericksburg Fitness Studio offers personalized fitness programs, nutrition coaching, and medical training. The private personal training studio was started by Jennifer Scherer, who has a background in human physiology, anatomy, nutrition, weight training, and exercise. The studio has a team working to help people reach their health and wellness goals. To learn more, visit the site at:






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