Thursday, January 19, 2023

4 Ways to Adapt Your Home for Your Elderly Loved One

When you are preparing your house for an elderly loved one to come and stay for a holiday, or else to live with you on a more permanent basis, there is certainly a myriad of things to consider.

To help you organize your plans and maybe even give you some new ideas you had not yet thought about, continue reading to learn of four ways to adapt your home for your elderly loved one. 


1. Re-Equip the Kitchen 


As well as ensuring that you work out a new shopping schedule to include everything your loved one needs in terms of food and drink (as well as medication), the layout of the kitchen may well need to be adapted, certainly if they use a wheelchair. 

Lowering the kitchen worktop or, if this is not appropriate, ensuring that the kitchen table and cupboards are at an appropriate height is important. What is more, appliancessuch as the kettle and microwave, need to be repositioned to allow safe and easier access. 


2. Make Changes to the Bathroom


Alongside the kitchen, the other main area of your home which you should pay particular attention to is the bathroom.

Fortunately, established experts, such as those at, will be able to show you the entire range of mobility aids specifically designed and created to help older people and those with reduced levels of mobility, safely navigate their way around the bathroom. 

Some of the most useful bathroom mobility aids include:

• Grab and support rails.
• Emergency pull cord.
• Electronic bath pillow.
• Height adjustable sink & taps.
• Shower seat.


3. Focus on the Front Door


You may be fortunate enough to already have a sloping pathway to the front of your home, or it may be the case that your front door opens directly in line with the pavement.

Conversely, if the front entrance of your property is preceded by several steep steps, then you need to consider if your elderly relative will be able to navigate entering and exiting the house. If not, then you could either choose to erect a handrail on both sides of the steps, or else consider using the back door as a way into the home instead. 

In addition, if you usually have a variety of garden hoses, toys, and games and plant pots in and around the front and back doors, you should instead look to moving such items away from the entrances. 


4. Create a Relaxed Atmosphere


Presumably, even if you share your home with young children, your home is a happy, comfortable, and relaxed one and, as such, it is important not to change this natural dynamic and atmosphere ahead of the arrival of your parent

Instead, carry on just as you always have been, in terms of your daily routine and be aware that your loved one will more than likely still feel as if they are imposing and causing an inconvenience, even though there is nowhere else you would want them to be than with you.

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