Friday, January 06, 2023

How to Streamline Your Wardrobe for the New Year


Whether you are a man or a woman, someone who adores shopping, and everything related to fashion, or else much prefers online shopping and bulk buying your clothes, no matter your personality type, it is highly likely that your wardrobe could be organised more thoroughly.

So, in time for the new year, here is a concise guide on how to streamline your wardrobe and help and advice on key statement pieces in which you need to invest.


Be Brutal


The most pertinent thing to remember when starting to streamline and organize your wardrobe is that you must be brutal and follow the basic rule.

If you have not worn an item of clothing or jewellery, or else used a handbag or shoulder bag, for six months or more, then you either need to donate it to a local charity shop or else throw it away. 


Invest in New Key Pieces


Even if you have been wearing a coat or jacket for many years now and you feel comfortable and confident in it, it is most likely going to be showing signs of wear and tear that you may simply be blind to.

Treat yourself to stunning, functional, and fashionable plus size coats uk and choose one in a style, colour, and fabric which complements other statement pieces in your wardrobes, such as a classic pair of jeans and denim shirts. 


Buy Clothes for Now, Not the Future


Everyone, regardless of age, gender, and financial situation, has seen an item of clothing, either in a shop or online, which they loved from the moment they saw it, but was not currently available in their size.

You will have done the same at least one time in your adult life and have hopefully hung such an item in your wardrobe, with dreams of either one day suiting it, or aspirations to loseor gain weight for it to fit. 

When you are thoroughly going through each garment in your wardrobe and putting it in either the rubbish pile, the donate pile, or in the ‘keep’ pile, bear in mind that, if you are never going to suit it, fit into it and wear it, then it needs to go. 

Organize Your Clothes in Sections

Finally, when it comes to the organization of your clothes themselves, the best way is to put the items back into your wardrobe, so after the tidying, you will be able to see exactly what you do already own and, subsequently, what you need to buy. 

For example, when you are hanging your dresses, instead of arranging them in colour order, it makes far more sense to hang them in length order instead, so that all your mini dresses are in one section and your maxi dresses are in another. 

Additionally, arrange your shoes and handbags in types too, so all your ‘going out’ bags are in one section and your casual, more functional tote bags in another. This way, finding what you need will be much easier.

Thanks to Sarah Brown @sweetpagesco for making this photo available on Unsplash 🎁

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