Tuesday, February 15, 2022

The Last Possession hits the Terror Films Channel on March 4 & VOD on March 11.


Out of options after a foreclosure, Kent Peroni is forced to move his wife Stephanie, nine-year old son Jack, and six-year-old daughter Gabby into the home where his estranged father committed suicide. They try to rebuild their lives: jobs, school, sports, and family night - but something's not right. Unexplained events inside and around the home break down the young family's trust in each other. Little Gabby is convinced Kent's father is still there. Fearing that their problems are caused by Kent's father's dark presence, they turn to a medium who discovers they are horrifyingly wrong about the evil in their home.


Ahhhh ok. I didn't hate this movie at all. My screener was hard to watch so I am frustrated right now. It kept buffering at the most stressful parts and there were many. I enjoyed this story of a family Kent and Stephanie and their kids Jack and Gabby who has moved into the home of the Kent's father's house. His father had committed suicide there and while estranged this was the only option for this struggling family. 

While having dinner they hear a big sound accompanied by a bright light in the backyard. They think earthquake even though it would be uncommon where they are. A huge sink hole or they believe well seems to have opened up in their backyard and things start getting strange. 

If a huge, endless, dark hole opened in my backyard the last thing I would be putting over it is two thin pieces of plywood but maybe that's just me.

Gabby starts talking to deceased Grandpa, Jack is seeing things in the bathtub and eventually even Stephanie sees something go into the bathroom. My question is what the heck does this "paranormal entity" need in the bathroom? 

Anyway, long story short, the kids are scared, mom and scared and poor Kent is just trying to protect his family so they hire a Spirit Guide to help them navigate what is going on in their home. 

Things go haywire and Gabby goes missing. What is it that is "haunting" this family? You will have to wait until the end to see but it is worth it. 

So while Kent and his wife Gabby think that the kids are just being kids. 

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