Thursday, February 03, 2022

My Life In Pictures July 8 - July 14

 July 8 - Painting with different paint brushes. I love showing the class different ways to do things. We used a truck, a ball and this bit of bubble wrap to paint. 

July 9 - My daughter thought we looked funny standing at DMV and took this photo. She said, I looked so short. Yeah, you think? I am 4'11".

July 10 - My son's Godmother Bek and I headed out for a sauna session which was unbearable. I think I lasted about 10 out of the 30 minutes. UGH!

July 11 - Not even sure why I took this photo but it was the only photo of the day. Oh I remember. Bek sent it to me. She won!

July 12 - Got a little burnt at the pool today. UGH!

July 13 - Painting some cookies.

July 14 - Showing my class some items from the ocean. They loved holding the seahorse and starfish

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