Friday, February 04, 2022

My Life In Pictures - July 15 -

 July 15 - Sometimes you just have to stop and take a photo

July 16 - We are duck and Koi sitting at one house and dog sitting overnight at another house. Busy busy

July 17 - one of the three dogs we were sitting is obviously a circus dog.

July 18 - Added another dog sitting job to the mix. Busy month for people going away.

July 19 - I take no credit for this photo. My daughter took it after picking the Queen Anne's Lace. I love it!

July 20 - WOW that orange sun.

July 21 - We made ice cream cone volcanos and since I had so many left over, served them their snacks in the cones. It was weird how many kids didn't understand they could eat the cone too. 

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