Thursday, February 03, 2022

My Life In Pictures July 1 - July 7

July 1 - it started raining while my class was outside. We stayed out for as long as we could as my class tried to catch raindrops. 

July 2 - I bought my daughter a bike on the tagsale site on Facebook. It is a bit big for her and she is scared to get on it. I think we both just need to grab huffy bikes with big seats and head to the track. 

July 3 - These plant needles were in a jar on the table. It rained overnight making them look like an apocalyptic landscape. 

July 4 - Goddess and her dad making a new planter out of concrete.

July 5 - No words necessary

July 6 - Our blackberry bush is doing very well. This makes me so happy.

July 7 - My baby book filled out by my mama. I am so happy I have this.

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