Monday, April 26, 2021

Sometimes We Just Have To Breathe

Have you ever just wanted to have the whole world stop so you can focus on nothing at all? It's been happening to me a whole lot lately. I just want to sit back and watch the sunrise, listen to some music and talk about nothing! 

That is what I get when I hang with my daughter. Organic conversation that comes from just being in the same space. 

Taking that time to just be allows us to breath and shake off the worries and energies surrounding us that may be bringing us down. The ones that weight heavy on us and make us feel as if we are living in constant stress. We aren't. It may sometimes feel that way but it isn't constant. If we allow ourselves the moment to just sit and listen to the world around us, we will see that nothing is constant, life is always moving. We are NOT stuck. We are fluid and the only thing holding us back is ourselves. 

Take time to grab a coffee or whatever you enjoy, head out to a beautiful space (it could literally be the side of a nice long road) and watch the sun come up.  Radio on, seat warmer on (on this particular day we needed it), windows down and breathe!!

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