Sunday, January 10, 2021

My Life In Pictures - July 15 - July 21

 July 15 - On my way to work. This is a crazy world and getting crazier every day.

July 16 - My boss gave me a squash, my daughter added a face and said we couldn't cut him now that he had a face. Ahhh ok!

July 17 - I have always been a sky watcher. 

July 18 - Goddess and Jinxy. He loves smelling the top of her head.

July 19 -  We love working at the shelter. We can't adopt them all but knowing that we are helping them makes us feel better. 

July 20 -  Reminding myself to keep my thoughts to myself. If the end game isn't going to create anything positive there is just no reason for me to say anything. 

July 21 - Nothing makes me crazier than people not cleaning up after themselves. UGH! Do your damn dishes. 

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