Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Planning an Outdoor Event


Someday soon crowded outdoor events and celebrations will return in full force with eager guests ready to dance, sing, shop, and mingle. Keep in mind these tips when planning one-of-a-kind outdoor gatherings.

Set the Scene

When it comes time to pick the setting for your outdoor event be sure to think about your intended guest list size, party goals, and time of year. Larger musical festivals are better suited to empty lots or wide-open grassy spaces, while outdoor weddings and smaller celebrations have a wider variety of options. Outdoor events run a gamble with weather, so consider searching for event spaces that provide some covered areas or indoor-outdoor hybrid options, such as enclosed gardens or museum grounds.


After securing the space for your event, whether it be a vacant campground or grassy park, it is extremely important to communicate with city and local officials regarding rules and regulations. Discuss the allotted hours of the event, noise regulations, city guidelines, and other details. If your outdoor party involves transporting and installing movable features, such as a music stages and amplifiers, be sure to plan out the logistics of how trucks and crews will enter the designated work zones. When considering logistics also remember your party guests. Where will they go to the bathroom, wash their hands, throw away trash, and park their cars? Consider options like event restroom trailers to help meet your event needs.


Outdoor parties often require much different décor than indoor bashes. If you are holding an outdoor wedding, consider strong, sturdy decorative pieces that can sustain gusts of wind and other weather elements. Planning a larger event, like a trade show, state fair, or craft exhibition? You likely won’t need as much décor, but consider appropriate signage, maps, and street markers to help guests find their way around the showcases.


With proper planning you can make any outdoor event a smashing success!

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