Tuesday, September 29, 2020

How To Celebrate Halloween During A Pandemic

As October nears, this pandemic is still prevalent and the safety of our families is always on the forefront. How can we celebrate Halloween with COVID? Their social and emotional wellness can be affected by not being able to participate in a festivity that creates so much happiness and connection. 

Parenting expert, guidance counselor, licensed educational psychologist, and board-certified behavior analyst, Reena B. Patel (LEP, BCBA) addresses how to ‘Halloween' during pandemic!
Here are a some of Reena's tips to help accommodate a traditional Halloween during this pandemic. 
  1. Decorate the inside and outside of your house. If you haven't before, this is the year to start.     
  2. Create a month of Halloween countdown. Why not? We do it for Christmas too. Make a countdown calendar and for each day have a Halloween surprise ready to share with your child. Example : an Halloween coloring sheet, candy corn puzzle, pencils, stickers. Nothing small that represents and leads up to the big day.     
  3. There are some companies that participate in themed activity boxes. Yes some are subscription plans, but you can even get one for the month of October. A fun way to do the open box surprise and see what arrives at your door 
  4. Connect with your child’s school and see what the teachers have planned. Volunteer to help your school create some fun Zoom Halloween activities. A week of Halloween Zoom costume dress up is a great example. 
    Get Baking! Baking is such a fun, creative way to interact with your child. 
  5. Have Halloween themed reading nights and movie nights
  6. Host a virtual pumpkin carving party    
  7. Plan a small social distance safe house party, get together with a small group of family and close friends. , include a fun halloween pinata

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