Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Inventive garden storage solutions for your home

Storage is one of the most common considerations buyers have when purchasing a new home. Indeed, poor home storage – both inside and out – is often perceived as a sign of lousy house design and can dissuade some buyers. 
While there sometimes isn’t that much we can do to improve our internal storage options, there is often great scope for adding additional storage space outside our homes, in our gardens. 
Traditional options like sheds or outhouses provide extra additional space for your home and can be used to store gardening tools, equipment or other hard-wearing items. However, they are often too big or too expensive so, if you’re looking to add external storage space to your home, why not consider these alternatives.
Bench units
Bench units in a garden don’t just look great – they also add precious outdoor seating and, in many cases, can be used to give valuable storage space. Look for units with removable top sections and a hollow space underneath, which can be used to keep items dry. Also, depending on the value of what you’re keeping inside, consider adding locks to deter unwanted access. You can even add your own design flair by choosing striking fabrics and materials to give your benches that truly unique look – or even go so far as building your own. Actually, if you’re adding a bench anywhere in your home, you should always look at adapting the space underneath to stow items. 
Hanging wall storage
Adding a metal grid or frame to the side of an exterior wall can provide a handy space to keep items such as garden tools, watering cans or pots. Again, think about adding some personal touches – perhaps by adding some foliage or creeping wall plants to help the frame blend into its surroundings. Remember, storage of this nature will be open to the elements (and, possibly, intruders), so you may be limited as to what you can store on an outside rack. You could look at using locks for more valuable items but, in the main, hanging wall storage is really only suitable for cheaper gardening equipment. 
Tent storage
The idea of using a tent for storage might at first seem like a temporary solution – however, modern tent frames are built from rugged materials capable of enduring even the harshest weather. Also, for extra security, tents can be secured to the ground using concrete blocks or metal plates – and semi-permanent tents have the advantage that they can be moved around your garden should the need arise. Better yet, if the tent somehow becomes damaged, replacement cover kits are cheap and straightforward to fit.
Underfloor decking storage
Nothing transforms garden space quite like wooden decking but, with a little inventiveness, your decking area can also become a huge outdoor storage space. Firstly, ensure the platforms are built with waterproofing in mind, but also remember to prepare the ground underneath with a concrete surface or gravel. You should also galvanize locks and bolts to protect them from rust, and consider using plastic storage bins to protect items from damp possibly rising up from the ground underneath.  
Adding extra space to your home can make your life easier and more organized, while also making better use of your available space. The ideas above don’t just improve your storage options, they can also add panache to the exterior of your home and enhance its curb appeal.

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