Friday, July 10, 2020

Meme Fill In's From Way Back - Creative Adventure 2008


The Saturday Special – Creative Adventure

1. While on vacation the past two weeks, I took the time to visit an old amusement park that is now abandoned. Hearing what sounds like carousel music I decided to enter the park through the open gate and much to my surprise I see an old fortune teller. She beckons me over and I willing go. I have gone to fortune tellers since I was 18 so I am anxious to hear what this one tells me. As I walk over to her, she disappears. I am confused but spot the carousel that drew me here.

2. Waiting for the ride to stop I find myself getting up on one of the rickety steps leading to the carousel. I see a very light blue horse with a peeling black painted saddle. The horse also has what appears to once have been pink flowers but now it mostly is just sun bleached wood. I put my foot in the stirrup and hoist myself onto the saddle and the ride starts up again. I hold the faded silvery horn at the front of the saddle. The music sounds like an old music box that my mother had a long time ago. Interesting. I realize it is exactly the same music complete with the same skip where the prongs on the music wheel had come off after a younger cousin had dropped it.

3. Feeling like a young kid again I close my eyes, smile and hum along with the music until the ride comes to an abrupt stop. I swing my legs back over the saddle and jump off the horse. Walking back down the steps of the carousel, I look to the sun. It is almost 5:00 p.m. and they will come searching for me soon. Looking back to the carousel, I watch it slowly vanish before my eyes.

4. Now a little sad I realize it was all in my imagination and leaving the park I think to myself tomorrow I will come back and bring my sister and some money. Perhaps if we don’t get off, the carousel will take us when it disappears.

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