Tuesday, July 14, 2020

5 ways to make sure you're ready to enjoy summer

Summer is finally here! The chances are that it might look a little different to usual this year, with families unable to take part in the same activities that they usually would due to social distancing. It's also tougher than usual to plan your summer activities, as it's hard to say what might be allowed and by when. Whatever the situation is with lockdown over the summer months, we can hopefully at least guarantee that we are in for some nicer weather that we can plan to make the most of.

Clean your pool

Swimming is not only refreshing, but it's a great form of exercise, helping to build strength and endurance while supporting your muscles and joints at the same time. If you're the owner of a pool and you want to swim over the summer, be sure to get your pool cleaned. According to pool cleaners Scottsdale not getting your pool cleaned regularly can cause your pool to become 'green.' This doesn't mean environmentally friendly. It means that your pool literally becomes green because of a build of up algae. So definitely worth getting a professional in to make sure that doesn't happen!

Check your family’s wardrobes

Kids grow a surprising amount over a year, and grown-ups can change shape too. Check out yours and your family's wardrobes to make sure that they have enough cool summer clothing to last them until the autumn. Make sure that everyone has a bathing suit that fits them and the right clothes to take part in any activities that you have planned for the summer months. Speaking of which...

Plan on doing some socially distanced outdoor activities

As we can't be sure which businesses will be reopening post lockdown and which won't, and we also can't be sure of whether or not a second strict lockdown will be necessary down the line (although analysts think that this is unlikely) it makes sense to plan your summer as though social distancing rules will still be in effect and businesses will still be closed. Some suggestions for socially distanced activities you can do with kids are:


      Go on a moonlit walk. Go for a walk in the woods or elsewhere in nature at dusk or nighttime and see what wildlife you can spot. You could just as easily do this in the daytime if walking at night doesn't appeal to you, make it a competition to see who can spot the most different varieties of bugs, plants, and other wildlife.

      Photography. Try to capture the best photographs of nature that you can just by using the camera on your phone.

      Practice orienteering skills. Teach your kids how to use a compass and get some exercise at the same time.

      Walkie Talkies. Need I say more, you'll have hours of fun!

      Family craft projects. For example, you could plan and build a bug hotel together.

Check your sunscreen

Not terribly exciting, but essential! Sunscreen is required by the FDA to remain effective for at least three years, so you should be safe using last year's bottle, but do check the dates to make sure that the one you are using is going to be effective.

Plan some time for yourself

Summer doesn't have to be non-stop activity, it's essential to make sure that you get to enjoy the sun in the ways that you enjoy. Set some time aside to do the things that you love, whether that's sitting out in the garden with a good book or simply sunbathing. 




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