Monday, July 13, 2020

Soothe Your Sweeties Tummy With A Yummy Organic Lollipop @Lolleez_Pops

If there was ever a need for a vacation, now sure feels like the right time (get me out of this house!). Families are ready to push forward with new summer travel plans, which now include the quintessential RV road trip or car trip to a summer rental house. The route is planned, the car is packed, and the playlist loaded. But before you step on the gas, make sure to think about any ailments that may occur on the open road like...tummy aches.

As any parent knows, stomach problems are all too common, with culprits including motion sickness, diet, stress, and growing pains, and these issues are especially unpleasant to deal with while away from the comforts of home. I have THE road trip essential for summer:  Tumeez™ Organic Tummy Soothing Lollipops for Kids  (from the makers of Lolleez Organic Throat Soothing Lollipops for Kids) . Tumeez was created by a mom, for kids, to help ease and relieve heartburn, acid indigestion and an upset tummy. 

This is awesome. Two of my students were so excited Friday that Mommy had lollipops for them. She said, "oh it's for their tummy. I have one for their belly and one for their Vitamin C.  They think it's a treat but really it is to help them." 

Wish this was around when my kids were little.


What makes Tumeez different are the ingredients – Tumeez are infused with delicious USDA Certified Organic ingredients with 200mg of calcium carbonate and a small dose of organic honey, both known to help alleviate common stomach ailments.  The pops are also Non-GMO as well as gluten, dairy and nut free.  Tumeez are made in a worry-free shape that is flat and on a stick versus a round ball, which is a potential choking hazard.  Tumeez come in a variety pack of two delicious kid (and adult) friendly flavors: Grape and Apple .

Tumeez are available at Target, Walgreens, CVS as well as on Amazon and come in a variety pack of 10 pops in Grape and Apple flavors for a suggested retail price of $5.99. For more information about Tumeez, please visit  and follow along on Instagram @Lolleez_Pops.  

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