Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Where Are You Puffling An Irish Adventure Retold by Erika McGann & Illustrations by Gerry Daly

A curious little puffling lives on Skellig Michael.

But her puffin parents can't find her in their burrow.

Where could she be?

Luckily, all the Skellig animals and birds are there to help

A puffling has gone in search of adventure – now her puffin parents can’t find her anywhere!

They talk to the seal and the gannet and the rabbit; they walk to the huts and the cliffs and the cove. They hear lots of stories of the puffling helping others, but they just cannot find their fluffy, black chick.

Finally, they spot her – on a boat out at sea!

The puffling is too small to fly home, so the animals of Skellig work together and come up with something very clever …

The 411:

This is an adorable tale about a little baby Puffing who sets out on an adventure much to his parents dismay. They fear the worst only to find that they are only steps behind him. As they speak to other animals they hear all the wonderful ways he has helped fellow animals. Thankfully due to the good deeds of the Puffling when he needs help they are able to call on all who he helped to enlist the help of one of the  biggest animals in the world to get their baby back.  

The illustrations are adorable and children will love spotting the baby on each page and see the next animal he is speaking to. I loved every page. 

After reading the book I research what the Skellig Island is. I found it fascinating that this book came from a story told to Erika McGann's by her uncle who visited the island.  

Definitely a wonderful read and kids will love learning about all the animals who make their home on or around the island. 

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was offered. 

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