Friday, May 01, 2020

Amateur Movie Review - The Orphanage

Last night my husband and I watched The Orphanage against my better judgement.

My sister-in-law spoke very highly of this movie so when finding nothing else, I borrowed it from my library for my husband to watch.

Certain that I wasn't going to want to watch due to disturbing images and it being a horror movie with children (my least favorite) I got my computer and sat down with Webkinz and Picnik to edit some photos.

According to Rotten Tomatoes website
 - Consensus: When it seems like every horror movie nowadays is a remake or a grisly exercise in sadism, The Orphanage is a breath of fresh air for critics and audiences alike, seamlessly blending in a poignant tale of loss with the scares and blood.

Personally, I would prefer the blood. This movie about a mother, Laura whose adopted son Simon disappears. Laura now lives in the orphanage that she lived in as a child. Laura is determined to fix up the abandoned house and open it as a refuge for ill children. But from the moment she returns, the past begins to haunt her. It isn't long before she begins to see the children who she used to play with as a seven-year-old. And when Simon goes missing one afternoon, she's convinced that they have taken him hostage. What follows is a murky descent into Laura's mind, where she doesn't know what is real and what is a figment of her tortured imagination.

My sister-in-law's quote to me was "you will like this movie. It is about a mother's love for her child." Ok...well that is was about that


Spoiler alert - spoiler alert - spoiler alert

Laura finds Simon dead in the house. While holding her dead son, she takes her own life by taking pills. She dies, her son stands, asks her to stay and take care of all of them while all the other dead orphans laugh and surround her while she plays Peter Pan's Wendy to a bunch of "Lost Boys."

Maybe this is art. Maybe this is an excellent made, thinking horror movie. But to me, it is a sad, horrific movie about a women who takes her own life while holding her dead son.

I couldn't watch this movie without seeing my son and myself. I cried at the end because of the mother's grief and the dead of the boy. What kind of horror movie makes you cry????

Chotskies gives this a B- for movie goers but for me personally it gets a big fat F!!!

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