Friday, March 06, 2020

Why am I sitting here crying????


Why am I sitting here crying????

Tomorrow morning my baby boy will be starting pre-school. It seems only yesterday we were holed up in a hospital room getting to know each other. The rest of the world was quietly put on hold as I held my perfect, beautiful first born and examined every finger, toe and crease on his body. He was mine and oh yeah his father’s but for those four days in the hospital he was selfishly mine alone.
I watched him tonight as he played with his toys, he has a different favorite every few days. They are tenderly carried around as he goes about his day. They sit at the table with him, go in the car with us, and sleep with him. Tonight it was The Higglytown Heroes that we picked up at the Disney store today. Cuuttee!!! He came into the living room where I was watching Rockstar Supernova and said “Mommy?” I said, “Baby Boy” he said “Mommy” we go back and forth like that for 10 minutes sometimes. He ran out of the room and I teared up thinking about how one day he will be too grown to think about sharing silly games with me, his biggest fan.
His clothes are laid out. He is asleep and all I can think about is tomorrow. This will be the first time since he was 5 months old that I have dropped him off anywhere. I hope I can get through it!!!
I vow to hold the tears back tomorrow and not take more than 300 pictures of him going to school but after I get back home to await for the close of his very first day (2 1/2 hours) away from me all bets are off.

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