Wednesday, March 25, 2020

How to Overcome the Challenges of Having a Family Pet

Having a family pet can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life. However, it can also cause many challenges, both in terms of your pet’s behavior, and in your ability to look after them. Rather than sending them back to the kennels at the first sign of trouble, read this guide to learn how to cope with owning your first pet, and what you can do to make sure that the experience runs smoothly. 

Pet Anxiety and Aggressive Behavior
Many pets in the USA have anxiety or display aggressive behavior, especially in their first couple of months of living with your family, or if you have chosen to adopt a pet that has been through bad experiences in the past. While aggressive behavior, such as growling and biting, can be dangerous if you have children, your children may aggravate any anxiety within your pets if they are not supervised. To treat anxiety in your pet, you should consider investing in CBD for dogs, as there is a lot of evidence to suggest that this can help to calm your pets down. In terms of aggressive behavior, you should consider socializing your dog, identifying the triggers of its aggression, and working to desensitize them to this. 

Destroyed Furniture and Cleaning Difficulties 
One of the most challenging aspects of having a new animal is the destroyed furniture and other possessions that they can leave in their wake. Whether they are destructive out of fear or play, protecting your home can be a priority for owners. In order to safeguard your home from your pet, you should use rugs and throws to cover fabrics and flooring, use plastic corner protectors for cats, store breakable items away from your pet, and create a pet zone where they can explore their natural instincts within a confined area when you are not at home. You should also clean your home with dog-friendly disinfectant to get rid of all those muddy pawprints and water stains. 

Training Issues
It can be difficult to devote a sufficient amount of timetowards your dog’s training, with many owners struggling to control their animal’s behavior. Some of the best tips for training your dog well include making sure that only one family member trains your animal, and that you constantly reward them for good work. In order to ensure that they learn the basic commands, you should consider attending a training class or hiring a pet behaviorist who can help you to train unruly animals, either in a group or on a one-on-one basis. 

Having Time for Your Pet
If you are struggling to find the time that you need for your pet, you should consider hiring a pet sitter or dog walker, or sending them to daycare. This will ensure that your pet is looked after amid the chaos of family life, and that they are able to spend their days with other humans and dogs without getting lonely. 

The Cost of Pet Ownership and Health Issues
Health issues can be a burden on families due to the extensive costs of medical bills and other expenditures. To get help with your finances, you should contact local animal charities in your area to see what aid they can offer you, and you should also see if your area has a free vet clinic, where you can get advice about your animal’s condition. You should also always make sure that you have taken out the appropriate pet insurance in order to cover costly medical bills.

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