Sunday, December 18, 2016

Blue Orange Games ROCK Or In This Case Kaboom REVIEW

Blue Orange has become a favorite name of ours. 

The 411:

In Kaboom you have 30 seconds to build as many of the towers on the cards that you can while your opponent tries to knock them down with catapults that fling white blocks. If they knock down your tower, you can still build another from a different card but you cannot use any of the blocks that were used in the now knocked down tower. Each card has a value so if you can keep your tower the entire 30 seconds you get that card and that plays into who the winner will be. There is however one card that doesn't have a value and if you happen to manage building that one you are the winner no matter how many cards your opponent has.


We had so much fun. It was really stressful to build while my daughter was flinging blocks at my tower and to watch the timer but we love it and have played often.

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