Friday, December 16, 2016

Crunchies - Perfect for Snacking Or Using In Your Favorite Recipes

My dream is to have a huge kitchen and spend all of December with my daughter baking and laughing but alas this can't happen in this house. There is ZERO room or setting up trays or rolling out dough but I recently found something called Crunchies!  Crunchies are freeze-dried fruit snacks that taste amazing and can add a touch of sweet to your favorite recipes – without doubling the calories.

Available in flavors like strawberry banana, blueberry and cinnamon apple, Crunchies are the perfect addition to gluten-free cookies, homemade granola, acai bowls and more. Check it out:

Prep: 10 mins / Cook: 1 hour / Total Time: 1 hour & 10 mins
8 Servings
1 (16 oz.) bag of dark chocolate chips (the higher the quality, the better)
¼ cup Crunchies Raspberries

  1. Pour chocolate chips in a saucepan and begin to cook on the lowest temperature while stirring constantly until completely melted.
  2. Remove from heat and pour in the center of a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Smooth out with a rubber spatula.
  3. Sprinkle on Crunchies fruit.
  4. Store in a cool, dry place until hardened.
  5. Allow chocolate to cool and completely harden before breaking apart.  Now serve and enjoy!

My plan was of course to use these in not only this chocolate berry bark recipe above but in my oatmeal that I make almost everyday. However...I was unable to make it in anything because my daughter too a bag to lunch every day until they were all gone! Grrrr

I love that she loves them and this just tells me I need to get more. Fortunately unlike so many other things I can't find in my little town. Crunchies are in the CVS only about 10 minutes away. Hooray! So I guess I need to buy for her and hide my own stash.

For more information on Crunchies, check them out on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion.  My reviews are 100% honest and true based on my personal opinion not on a company’s description or request. I am not employed by any company I review for. No monetary compensation was received.

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