Friday, November 13, 2015

Preparing Hardwood Floors for the Holidays

Yes, the holidays are almost here! As your preparation list grows longer, the kids get more excited, and you wonder why you didn't start planning sooner (like around the 4th of July), you put your head in your hands and glance down at the wood floor. It is a disaster. There are worn spots, scratches, and, is that a dried-up cookie peeking out from under the couch? You write down product to refinish wood floors on your list.

Wood is a popular type of flooring today because they are beautiful and do not hold dust and dirt as easily as carpeting. However, this does not mean that they are maintenance-free. If you have refinished wood floors, the finish can become worn and dull. Before dumping any type of finish on the worn spots, get the advice from an expert.

If you know the type of flooring material that you have, visit the store that originally completed the installation, or another business that performs the same duties. These retailers can provide you with the knowledge and products needed to bring your floor back to its original luster. Also, follow their maintenance schedule so that this is one item that will not need addressed right before the next holiday. Keep scratches and dull areas from peaking by:

      Placing felt tips on furniture leg bottoms

      Use only moist microfiber pads for mopping

      Never use abrasive cleaners like ammonia, vinegar or oil soaps

      Use scatter rugs that do not have rubber backing

Also, have the kids remove their shoes and boots at the door so water and dirt does not get a chance to settle on a wood floor's finish. You can even provide a rug or plastic box just inside the door for this purpose.

Now that you have had your floors brought up to their original shine, it is time to show them off to guests. Decorative area rugs with a seasonal hint, like bright red and white or cream-colored with highlights of evergreen branches, will not only bring out your beautiful floors, but also amplify the holiday atmosphere. The rugs do not have to be high-quality, but use a felt or open-weave rubber mat beneath to protect your floors and to prevent sliding.

Add some twinkling LED lights along the floor boards and wrap each door-way with Evergreen Spruce that has a dusting of snow (and don't forget the mistletoe with holly). If possible, keep an open area for the kids that is covered with indoor/outdoor green carpet. You won't have to worry about scuffs, spills, or dirt at the end of the evening. In this area, spread around toys or Christmas decorations like reindeer, sleighs, and plenty of candy canes to kick off the mood.

Wood floors are meant to create a safe atmosphere for all family members. Keep traffic areas covered to retain the finish longer and change with each upcoming season. This way, allergies are kept at bay, dirt is easy to clean up, and your floors will remain fresh and beautiful for many years.

Back to that list. Cross off products to refinish wood floors and add a note to call a wood floor specialist. The knowledge and amount of time saved can be a relief during this holiday season of activity and flurry. Concentrate on decorating your rooms in a festive and welcoming manner. The excitement of holiday decorations, menus, and wrapping presents can be enjoyed a lot more when they worry of damaging your wood floor is not weighing on your mind.

Bio -

This guest post is courtesy of MacDonald Hardwoods, a local Denver flooring merchant that carries assorted hardwood floor types, including bamboo, white oak, hickory, maple and cypress, to name a few. Macwoods can help when the time comes for choosing a floor species that is right for your needs.

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