Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Indie Movie Review: The DeVilles

THE DEVILLES - The non-fiction debut of director Danish director Nicole Nielsen Horanyi, THE DEVILLES is a verite glimpse into the lives of burlesque stripper Teri Lee Geary (aka Kitten DeVille) and her punk rock singer husband Shawn Geary who live in a self-imposed time bubble of romance caught somewhere between the 50's and the 80's: Teri looks like Marilyn Monroe and Shawn looks like The Clash's Joe Strummer.  The doc catches up with the couple after 25 years of passion, but suddenly at a time of crisis.  Will their glamorous, consumed life survive?

 The 411 by Maria:

The Devilles is a look into burlesque dancer Teri Lee Geary or Kitten DeVille and her singing Punk Rock husband Shawn Geary, their friends, family and daughter. 

Teri and her husband, like most couples are struggling with their personalities and the changing times of the present and their past. 

My Thoughts
Their seemingly happy facade sometimes gives way to pain behind the eyes as they struggle to hold onto their youth and each  other.  My heart broke for the forced to be grown up youngest daughter who often seemed to hear and see too much especially when the couple have a massive fight about another woman in front of her and their friends. 

While part of me loved their eclectic home and lifestyle I found myself wondering if they have ever been truly happy with their lives or each other. 
Teri is a wonderful mom who obviously loves her daughter, sitting with her during homework and proudly watching her sing but the weight of her uncertainties about husband force her to be distant and absent too often.

I envy Teri's clothing and and ability to write her feelings out in an brutally honest way however I feel like she is missing out on important things especially with her daughters. 

In Conclusion:
This couple have obvious passion and an interesting life together. This is a love story of two people going through what many couples go through after so many years together. Their colorful jobs just make them seem different but they are all of us! They make mistakes but the love is still there and they still surprise each other.

I give this movie a 4 out of 5 because honestly it held my attention the entire time. I was interested in both of them and the movie flew by. 

To Purchase:

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary movie for my honest opinion.

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