Friday, November 06, 2015

The Best Off the Beaten Path Attractions in NYC

New York City is home to plenty of attractions you might want to see and enjoy, including Times Square, and you may want to journey to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty too. Many travelers also love the idea of taking in a Broadway show and visiting Rockefeller Center as well. While the city offers lots of things to see and do, you can experience NYC like never before when you head off the beaten path. Instead of heading to all the tourist attractions, try visiting a few unexpected places on your trip.

The Cloisters

When most travelers think of seeing art in New York City, they immediately think of the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Modern Art. While those museums are home to some amazing artwork, you can enjoy art without dealing with large crowds at The Cloisters, which the Metropolitan Museum of Art owns and operates. Located within Fort Tryon Park, this museum is open every day of the week and has some of the most beautiful artwork in the world on display. You'll also love checking out the historic buildings in the park.

Street Art

If you love art, take the time to check out some of the street art on display and become one of those artists yourself. You'll find plenty of graffiti art on walls and buildings throughout Brooklyn and Williamsburg. You may even be lucky enough to come across one of the street pianos in NY. Created as a way to bring attention to the NYC music world, these pianos let players sit down and play a few notes anytime they would like. Make sure you explore some of the local parks too. Multiple parks in the city boast installation pieces created by local artists.

Elevated Acre

Other than Central Park and some other parks, you may not expect to find much green space in New York City. That will all change after you plan a trip to Elevated Acre. Conveniently located near Wall Street, Elevated Acre is a small area located in Manhattan that builders designed for the busy professionals working in the city. It offers amazing views of the water and might make you feel like you are in a completely different world.

The next time you take a vacation to NYC, get off the beaten path and away from the crowds at some of these amazing attractions.


  1. I have only been to NY one time back in 1970 to get a connecting flight with my mother and brother to Germany. I would love to back again someday and see Ellis Island.

  2. Looks like fun. I still hope to travel to NY one day. It looks like there are so many sites to see.

  3. ive only been to NYC once and it scared me to death,,but it was with my daughters school trip so I was worried about losing kids,,sounds like you had a nice time

  4. Im really glad I came upon this post. I plan on going to New York next fall and am always looking for insider places to go/see.

  5. How great to know about places that are out of the way.

  6. If only I had a chance to visit such a vibrant and great-looking city.

  7. I've never visited NY but I would love to some day. These suggestions offer great options aside from the common tourist spots.


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