Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Halloween Is Over SO Here Come The Christmas Posts Starting With Greg Page/The Yellow Wiggle

If you are a long time reader of this blog you are aware of our Wiggle obsession. I just found at least 9 posts where I mention The Wiggles. My son's life consisted of Wiggle shows, Wiggle CD's I even did Wiggle workouts because I knew every song and every dance and playing with his Wiggle Toys. We still have a ton of Wiggle merchandise in three 30 gallons bins because I refuse to let it all go. A few years ago we even shared all of our Wiggle stuff as part of our library's collection exhibits. They had never had a Wiggle collection presented before. It stayed there for a month and was put into storage right after being on display. The Wiggles was a huge part of my life during my son's toddlerhood and I miss them.

When Greg left The Wiggles in 2006 due to orthostatic intolerance, a condition of the autonomic nervous system  I was devastated.  We were still watching and while it was a transition (they eased us in), we got used to Sam the replacement but we missed Greg. 

Eventually my son moved on from The Wiggles (much to my dismay; but hey they have to grow up), but I have always followed any news on the four original Wiggles. 

The latest news about Greg Page, well he has put out a Christmas CD featuring all our favorite Christmas songs and a few new ones.

The 411 by Maria:

I love that the songs ARE the classics and I love that they are all family friendly with some even changed like the 12 Days of Christmas which has animals being the gifts.  

Besides the classics there are a few family friendly originals from Greg's new kid's show Butterscotch's Playground. Greg knows kids, as a student of Early Education he met Anthony Field and Murray Cook fellow students of the Sydney Macquarie University and created the Wiggles to which I will be forever grateful. Long after my kids forget I will remember spending all my days with these guys singing and dancing with my babies. 

This CD got me in the mood early this year and will be enjoyed by people of all ages. The CD has been playing in my car for two days now. Don't judge. I vow to be in the best holiday spirit this year no matter what is going on in my personal life and I thank Greg for getting me there early this year.  
Sydney's Macquarie University

Even if you are not or never were a Wiggle fan, this is a great CD perfect for getting you in the Christmas mood and I can't get the Get Down Low and Go Go Go out of my head.


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