Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Psychic Circle Souls Entwined By D.L. Cocchio - #Swagbag #GIVEAWAY

YA Romance
The Psychic Circle  - Souls Entwined by D.L. Cocchio

Sixteen-year-old Rachel's psychic world is shaken when Billy introduces her to telepathy and astral travel, awakening her desire for more spiritual adventure. She can't get enough. Together with a teenage shaman, a healer, a psychic, and a witch, they form "The Psychic Circle" to secretly explore the paranormal.

Romance blossoms between Rachel and Billy as they realize they have a very strong connection. Could Rachel possibly have found her soul mate? But her best friend becomes jealous and causes trouble, using black magic, which could sabotage Rachel's chance at having the true love she’s been yearning for.

Now Rachel must decide if she should fight fire with fire in order to protect and pursue this obvious soul connection. After all, all's fair in love and war, right?

The 411 by Maria:

What happens when a witch, a shaman, a healer and a psychic find each other and complete a cosmic circle? Well, for 16 year old Rachel, lots of unexplained things.

Rachel knows she is different than others, heck she has wounded, long dead men falling at her feet.

When Rachel meets Melody a new girl in school, her life takes an electrifying twist. Melody is new to the school and is also into "psychic stuff".  Rachel immediately invites her to attend her Friday Meditation Group with some of her other friends.

When Rachel meets Billy in an astral state her whole world becomes technicolor and her visions and gifts really take flight! Their connection transcends everything else and the possibilities are endless.
With great power comes great responsibility and quickly Rachel learns that trusting your friends can come with a cost.

Author Debbie submerses you in her youthful world easily. You are a teenager full of wonder, angst, hope and life. Friendships, love, and dreams are part of every teenage girls life and Psychic Circle Souls Entwined is an mystic ride of innocent abandon. I cannot wait for Part 2.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy for my honest opinion.


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  3. I don't really read YA books but my best friends' granddaughter does. If I were to win this fun prize package, I'd gift it to her. She'd be so excited!

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