Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Simple Decorating Updates for a Busy Household

Decorating a home while raising a busy family may not be a top priority, but it is possible to bring a fresh look to a home with some simple steps.

Master Bedroom

This room may be a parental sanctuary, or it may be the place for everyone to congregate at the beginning and end of each day. In either case, some quick touches can bring new life to the room. Fresh paint is a quick, inexpensive way to bring a change to any room. Consider a soft neutral palette that allows you to play with colors elsewhere in the room. If that’s too big of a step, consider a smaller step. Duvet cover sets are a great place to start. With the purchase of a reversible duvet, you can quickly add multiple design options without a big commitment. Shop with a company like Bedding Style so that you’ve got a wide variety of design and fabric options. Be sure to look for a set that is machine washable to give you the most in both form and function. Add in some throw pillows and live with the change for awhile before committing to more changes.


If you’re facing an out of date bathroom, look towards repurposing an item like a wall coat rack or two to hold all the towels. Consider staggering them on the wall with one low enough for the kids to use for their towels. If you have a small mirror in the room, try adding a funky frame around the mirror to give it a boost. (You might even have the kids make it an art project gluing on colored stones or beads). New, colorful towels are another quick, easy way to bring some color into the room.

Kids’ Bedrooms

Many of the same ideas for the master bedroom can work in a kid’s room. If you’re bringing paint into the room, consider using some chalkboard paint to let your resident artist have a place for some artistic expression.

Family Room

One of the best ways to make a family room feel new is to add some unique storage options. Consider a coffee table with removable baskets or perhaps an ottoman that doubles as storage. In either case, well placed storage can be a great help when getting the family to chip in with the cleaning. The simple reduction of clutter can make a room feel new.

Even the busiest of parents like to feel some pride in their surroundings. Taking a few simple decorating steps can bring about noticeable change with minimal investment.

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