Monday, May 11, 2015

How to Declutter Your Home and Life

Life can be hectic. When home life gets out of hand, it’s easy to let important things slip through the cracks. Keep control even during busy times with these tips.

1. Keep an organized schedule.

If you don’t have a schedule, it’s no wonder why life gets wild! When you have everything written down, planned out and scheduled, life will be so much easier. Whether you use a traditional calendar or your cell phone, find a way to easily keep everything scheduled. When you can see what’s coming up, you’re less likely to get overwhelmed on busy days. Trim down your schedule with statement outsourcing.

2. Keep running lists.

Lists are different from schedules in that they don’t necessarily have to be completed by a specific date or time. Or, you can schedule when you want to tackle things like your cleaning or grocery list. Keep lists for anything you don’t want to worry about forgetting.

3. Develop solid routines.

When you do certain things every morning, afternoon and evening, you won’t worry that you’re skipping integral parts of your day. Plus, if you forget to do something one day or you don’t have enough time, you’ll know that you can tackle the project the next day, because it’s already part of your routine.

4. Limit how much time you spend on social media.

Way too much drama comes from social media. If you don’t want to be distracted by never-ending social media updates, limit how often you log on to Facebook and Twitter. You’ll notice that you stop comparing your life to that of other people and that you begin to enjoy your own life more.

5. Spend time with your family.

Living with people doesn’t always guarantee that you spend quality time with them. Make it a point to do something with your family members every week. Whether it’s Sunday night dinner or a planned mid-week activity, connect with your loved ones on a regular basis.

The more you have control over your life, the less often you’ll feel that life gets too crazy and out of hand to handle.

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