Monday, May 18, 2015

How to Practice Summer Sun Safety with Kids #summersafety

The summer sun can be brutal for anyone. Sun damage can cause a lot of potential health issues for kids, so it is important that parents take measures to make sure their kids are as safe from the sun as they can be.

However, most parents know that it is impossible to keep their kids indoors during the beautiful days of summer. Despite these struggles, parents can do other things to help protect their kids from sun damage. Here are some ideas on how to practice summer sun safety with kids that both parents and kids will love.

Find some good indoor activities

Though it may not be everyone’s first choice, there are a lot of ways to convince kids to spend a little time indoors. Even doing this during the warmest parts of the day can help parents give them a break from the sun. Everyone can use to take a break from the sun’s heat with a good TV show or movie.

Choose the right time of day

There are certain times of day when the rays of the sun are much hotter and more damaging than other times. Usually, this is between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.. Parents should try to avoid taking their kids out during these times of day and instead wait until a better time of day when the heat is less intense.

Create some shade in the backyard

Most kids will spend a lot of their summer outdoor time in their own backyard. Parents can easily give their kids less sun exposure by creating some shade for the backyard. Planting a tree is the best method, but for a faster solution parents can put up an umbrella or other type of shade to protect their kids.

Find a fun way to use sunscreen

Putting on sunscreen
is one of the best ways to protect anyone’s skin from sunshine. However, few kids enjoy the process of rubbing in sunscreen before they go out and play. Parents can try to make this fun by getting colored sunscreen and letting kids draw small designs on their hands and arms before rubbing it in.

Take some breaks

Many children will be able to spend hours outside without even stopping to take a drink of water. This can be very dangerous, so parents will need to be sure that their kids are taking regular breaks to drink water and get out of the sun. It is simple for anyone to plan out breaks each day to ensure kids are not in the sun longer than an hour at a time.

Find some good clothing options to cover up with

When sunscreen is not the best option, or just as a secondary measure against the sun, people can layer on clothes. In hot summer days, it is important to find some cool layers that will keep kids protected and comfortable. Look for lightweight, natural fabrics that will be breathable and protective.


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