Saturday, April 04, 2015

Walking Down Memory Lane - Testing Himself (Aug 2008)

Now go to sleep you little child of mine. 
I wish I had the beauty you hold inside 
Now go to sleep you little boy of mine. 
You make the world a better place to find. 
Lyrics by Scott Weiland 

I love his face on this picture. He was making a motor boat sound and just really playing with new sounds. He was teething and very spitty. He was also very proud of himself as he climbed up on the handle of his wagon While holding onto a dining room chair. I wanted him to challenge himself and he really did think he was a big deal.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your memory lane of your sweet little boy. It took me down my memory lane of my son when he was a little boy, drooling from teething and making those motor sounds too. He loved making that sound. It's amazing how our minds never forget those special moments with our children even now when I'm a grandmother of 2. :-)


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