Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Walk Down Memory Lane #memories - The Upside Down Show

I love this picture taken in March 2008, for so many reasons. My kids were so into The Upside Down Show (see here). My son had asked me how to write The Upside Down Show. I wrote it and added lines for him to write on (hence the lines that appear to be through the words.

He was so proud of himself and this paper was with him for 2-3 days until it was put on the fridge for a week or more, sometimes taken off so that he could tell us what he had written.
I also love baby girl’s face in the background. She was just dying to be part of the picture too but she almost looks proud that her brother had wrote so well.

Unfortunately, The Upside Down show isn’t on Noggin any more. I hope they release the shows on DVD because my kids miss it.

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