Monday, April 27, 2015

Get His Body Beach Ready! #beachbod #hairless #groomingmyman


We love the Bodygroomer for so many reasons. My husband is a weight lifter and likes a smooth chest and back. Every Sunday we grab a razor, bucket of water, shaving cream and multiple towels so that I can shave his back, and shoulders. He does his stomach and chest himself. He doesn't grow a lot of hair but likes it clean. It usually takes me about 25-30 minutes to put on the cream, shave, repeatedly rinse wipe and clean off before putting on some cream for so he doesn't get a rash.

This weekend it took me 10 minutes to do the whole thing including the chest and stomach plus an additional 2 to vacuum the area for any strays. Only 12 minutes without the clean-up of towels, cream, dumping the water and cleaning out the razor.

We love how well the razor fits in your hand. It is truly easy to use and grab. It can be used in the shower as well which he will probably do from now on.

It comes with three comb attachments depending on how far down you want to cut.

We didn't use any attachments other then the back one so he could try it out. He liked how secure the razor fits in the extension holder. He felt it fit and and could be taken out with complete easy. He thought the reach on the extension was perfect and was amazed at how far he could reach.

It was way smoother than anytime I have shaved him which he commented on when I gave the first swipe after I did one side. "I can tell how smooth it is just from your hand wiping it".

We give it 5 stars for ease of use, quality of razor and results

 Truly a great product!


Disclaimer: I received this as part of an Amazon Vine. No monetary compensation was offered. I received the product for my honest opinion.

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