Monday, April 13, 2015

Fun Fun Fun Till Daddy Takes The T-Bird Away

This weekend we got so much done around the house! It was a family effort and we are thrilled with the results but more on that at another time.

Friday Teach (Hub) headed up to his sister's soon to be sold Summer house and scored big with some unexpected gifts, one was a lovely shade of blue and made all of us smile....

Teach has a ton of work to do on this blue go kart but he is ready to move and researched the manual last night online. Exciting!!!

Look at their little legs in there.We all love the color!

 My Handsome felt like a big boy and Goddess was busy eating a chocolate Easter bunny before she begged to take the wheel.

It's Goddess size! She was happy to be able to reach the pedals.  Which say Stop and Go. No confusion there.

We noticed this when I finally took a seat! Hmmmm...I guess it has something to do with the engine being behind us.

 Selfie Time!


  1. Hi Maria,

    Your kids are so lucky to have had such a nice ride! Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. Your kids are looking great in blue! A go kart is sure a fun ride! Have a nice week and enjoyed your post! Thanks for sharing.


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