Friday, February 20, 2015

#TBT Play Date Central

Originally Written - Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mom has had me so busy with play dates lately that I have had no time to blog. Bitch! She thinks I need friends and need to be popular. I hate it! I have to share my stuff, have kids messing up my room, taking my snacks, pushing me off my own ride on car, sitting on my Wiggle couch, saying "Mine" when they know damn well it isn't.

Why the hell is it whenever mom meets a new mom with a kid my age that she suddenly sets up a play date?

We were at the library the other day and there was another kid there. She was nice enough; she said, "chase me" so I did, she said, "sit with me" so I did, she pushed me down, I got back up thinking, "ok, buh bye B'otch. I walk to the door to leave and mom is handing over her phone number to make a play date. Hello, did she not see me trying to escape this little pain in my diapered butt?

 Anyway I guess this means another play date is being scheduled for the near future. Wish me luck.


  1. Anonymous3:01 AM

    Like wow! This kid sounds so grown up.

  2. Ha. That little quip reminds me of my daughter. She would make sure that the play date was an absolute disaster. She'd be the one pushing so she wouldn't be asked back. Darn beeyatch knew that I counted on those play dates as time off!

  3. Sounds like someone in used to know 😊😮

  4. Haha if only babies could talk it would go along the lines of something like this lol.

  5. This sounds like one tough kid!


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